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Friday, October 19, 2012

VW - The New Beetle

The Icon Is Back. That's the tag line for the New Iconic Yellow VW Beetle. The classic look and shape of the car make it recognisable from far with just a glance.

Volkswagen - Das Auto , The People's car and my favourite brand. If I could only afford it, I will get the soon to be launched VW Golf GTi MK7 without second thought.

At the meantime, just enjoy the pictures below of the New VW Beetle which was launched at KLCC recently.

 The VW Generations

 The Miniature Model 

Placed among the Beetles

 The New Shadowing The Old

Love the White with Blue Stripes

 View from the Back

 Unmistakable Logo of VW

18" RIMS

 Simple and Elegant

It's a Boy!

I'm Definitely a Volkswagen Fan!

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