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Monday, October 29, 2012

Bell & Ross - BR01 Horizon Limited Edition

The magnificent Bell & Ross BR01 Horizon Limited Edition. Finally seen in the flesh.....Felt it, wore it but yet to be mine!

Hope I will earn enough money in time to own this masterpiece! 

Or someone reading this could be ever so kind with lots of money to sponsor me (haha.. thinking out loud!)

The BMW i8

This is the famous BMW concept car seen in the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Awesome concept with sexy lines which was showcased at the Pavilion Shopping Center, Kuala Lumpur from 20-28 October 2012.

It was first introduced as the BMW Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics (a mouthful)! Good thing they cut it down to just i8 for the production version. It's a plug-in hybrid car with a three cylinder turbor-diesel engine and a 7.2kWh lithium-ion battery pack. It also has another 2 electric motor with 139bhp which allows an acceleration from 0-100km/h in 4.8seconds!

Fuel consumption is 3.76liters/100km and the CO2 emission rating is at 99g per kilometer. The estimated all-electric range is 50km and the 24-litre diesel tank gives a total range up to 700km. The chassis is made of aluminium while the windshield,doors and fenders are made from polycarbonate glass. I wonder what would be the damage if it gets into an accident!

In 2010, BMW announced the mass production will begin in 2013 as i8. I guess the pictures below would be the production model.

*Pictures below are taken with Samsung Galaxy S3.

 The iconic kidney grill

 Excellent brake lights

 Side Profile

The Big Wheels

Friday, October 19, 2012

VW - The New Beetle

The Icon Is Back. That's the tag line for the New Iconic Yellow VW Beetle. The classic look and shape of the car make it recognisable from far with just a glance.

Volkswagen - Das Auto , The People's car and my favourite brand. If I could only afford it, I will get the soon to be launched VW Golf GTi MK7 without second thought.

At the meantime, just enjoy the pictures below of the New VW Beetle which was launched at KLCC recently.

 The VW Generations

 The Miniature Model 

Placed among the Beetles

 The New Shadowing The Old

Love the White with Blue Stripes

 View from the Back

 Unmistakable Logo of VW

18" RIMS

 Simple and Elegant

It's a Boy!

I'm Definitely a Volkswagen Fan!