Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Phuket Trip

Just came back from a much needed holiday with my beloved darling in Phuket :). Below are some of the pictures taken from the trip.
More to follow.... stay tuned.

Millennium Resort Hotel Lounge Area

Me relaxing while waiting for check-in

Toiletries and drinks

Me and my darling :)

We love the room so much!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Evening View from my Office

Magnificent view of Malaysia's Landmark - KL Tower

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Virgin Blogger

Greetings from me to the world of internet,

This will be my first ever blog on the Internet. Everybody seems to be blogging nowadays and ppl are making extra pocket money from it. I tell myself, why not join the bandwagon and taste a piece of the big cake out there.

Here I am, starting my new blog. I will be concentrating mainly on photography on this blog; my ultimate passion. I have a dream of travelling around the world taking pictures and share my travelling experience through the lenses of my camera with you.

I have been interested in photography since I bought my first compact 2.1 megapixel digital camera - Nikon Coolpix 2500 back in 2002, I think. I love this camera as it features a swivel lens which opens up a variety of camera angle as compared to a fixed lens. Great for self portrait as well :). It serves me well and build up my interest in photography over the years.

My second camera was the Canon S3 IS - an upgrade to the Nikon. It is a prosumer camera with 12x Optical Zoom. It comes with a vari-angle live viewer which is great for difficult angle shots. The features in the camera allow me to explore more on manual settings such as Shutter Speed, Aperture Value, Flash intensity, Exposure Value, Slow-Sync Flash and lots more. Great camera for those who are exploring the beauty of photography techology before transitioning from compact camera into professional camera.

And now, here I am, braving myself, stepping in to the competitive world of professional photography, I bought myself a Canon 40D recently. Intially, I've targetted the Canon 450D as it was the entry level to Digital SLR camera and easy on my pocket $$$. Unfortunately, it only comes bundled with a 18-55mm kit lens. I was looking at the 17-85mm lens. To upgrade, it will cost me another RM2k plus. This will come up almost to the same price with a 40D body bundled 17-85mm lens. I wanted the 17-85mm lens badly as it is a great carry-around/versatile lens. After hard thought and digging deep into my pockets, I've made the decision to get the 40D instead and never looked back. In addition to that, I got myself the 50mm f/1.8, Speedlite 580EX II and the lens hood.

I never regretted my decision and I took it as a long term investment. This baby will help me make money and cover back my cost (keeping my fingers' crossed!) in no time. I'm still very new in DSLR photography and I am exploring new things everyday.

I shall share my experience and all the great pictures that I have taken with you here. I feel great looking back at the pictures and the story it tells and it gives me great satisfaction. I hope I can project this feeling in you as well through my pictures.

As this is my first post as a blogger, I am still exploring the best way to present my pictures and the best way to layout everything for your easy browsing. I will try my best to update this regularly to keep you coming back for more :)

I'm still in the midst of selecting what picture to share it here.....once done, we shall enjoy it together.

Meanwhile, you can check out my previous posting at picasaweb.google.com/chris.neo, or add me at facebook; search for wei liang from Malaysia.